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Wheatland Athletic Association

The Wheatland Athletic Association is a nonprofit organization that provides youth sports to youths from District 204 school community with athletic programs. The organization which was formed in the year 1977 with the sole purpose being to provide T-Ball for 60 children. The organization currently has over 12,000 participants who enroll yearly in different programs. Some of the most common programs issued by the organization are as follows.

Baseball Program Information

The program information for Baseball for Kids is to progressively develop the skills of children by offering different programs under different age groups. The program develops different children based on their age and what they can grasp. As they age, the multi-sports athletes are taught about good sportsmanship and teamwork. The organization also employs cross training and fun activities as a way of enhancing proper and speedy learning for the kids. Students are taught the basics of running, hitting, throwing, and catching within a framework of sportsmanship and teamwork.

Soccer Programs and Camps

Athletics WAA provides soccer Programs and Camps in conjunction with Team Chicago. These two institutions have summer and spring soccer camps which are readily available for all ages. Under the Soccer Programs and Camps, there is an emblem of Recreational Programs and Camps and Advanced Programs for the Skilled Player.

Recreational Programs and Camps

Under this category, the students involved are;

  • Preschoolers and Toddlers:
    • Programs offered under this category are the Summer Feet First Programs, and sports parents can enroll their children.
  • Elementary School Participants:
    • The program offered in this category is under the Recreational Soccer Skills Camps.
  • Middle School Participants:
    • Skilled players sports parents are also welcomed to take part in programs such as cross training and many more.
  • Advanced Programs for Skilled Players:
    • The players are sourced from 1st-4th grades.
    • Applications under this category are forwarded to Team Chicago Summer Camps Team Chicago Elite Player Camps.

Speed and Agility Training

As a way of promoting coordination and improving motor skills, WAA has a set of professional trainers who coach youths and offer youth sports to 2nd graders through high school. The Fall Speed and Agility Training utilizes various innovative skills accompanied by fun activities to promote competitiveness and build a robust foundation for young multi-sports athletes. Apart from this, the training also provides a unique baseline of athleticism which is necessary to encourage sport-oriented skills such as speed, burst, conditioning, proper athletic movement, and improve the running form.

The training is held at WAA Sports Centre during the fall season. The minimum and maximum level of entry under this category are 12 and 18 respectively.

Youth Camps and Clinics

WAA recognizes the importance of promoting physical, emotional, and social growth, and that’s why it provides a conducive environment for this form of growth. The organization has various sports camps and clinics which accommodate different students and promotes diversity among the students. Some of the upcoming and past sports camps are baseball camps, basketball camps, soccer camps, speed and agility, and football camps. The camping sessions are held in different locations throughout the year, especially in th

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