Best Methods of Training for My Young Athlete

What are the Best Methods of Training for My Young Athlete?

This is a question posed by many parents. It is also a question that can have as many different answers as people who are asked.

The trend we often see today is to push youngsters into one sport at a young age. While this may produce a ten-year-old superstar it’s just as likely to lead to injuries, unbalanced muscles and burn out down the road.

The keys to quality sports training for children are cross training, muscular balance and fun. Developing different muscle groups through varied sports and activities decreases the chance of injury and will develop a stronger athlete down the road.

Youngsters who try many different sports during the early years are also less likely to experience burn out later on.

Children should engage in multiple sports and activities rather than focus on one sport to ensure their training promotes overall health and to avoid injury.

Sports training for children should encompass some sports-specific training like baseball hitting training along with fun activities that promote fitness and overall speed and agility training.

Ultimate Frisbee is a great sport for young athletes to play. It provides speed and agility training that doesn’t feel like “training.” Running, jump rope and hop scotch also promote speed and agility training.

One of the best, most basic ways to provide baseball hitting training for your child is simply hitting off a tee. Major league Hall of Famer Chipper Jones has said he hit off a tee every day of his career. Hitting off a tee is a way to engage in hitting training right at home.

To keep your child interested in sports training provide him or her with a wide variety of activities like Ultimate Frisbee and baseball hitting training. Make sure your young athlete is developing strong, balanced muscles while still having fun.

While your child may be a future college or professional athlete, for most children youth sports is about developing good lifetime health habits self-esteem and developing good teamwork skills.

Check in with your child regularly to ensure that the sports he or she is participating in is still fun and engaging for him or her and making your child feel good about him or herself. Provide opportunities to try different sports and training activites to find the best fit. Also, remember to keep an open mind and allow your child to engage in a sport like Ultimate Frisbee that you may never have considered.

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