Halloween and Sports for Everyone

Halloween and Sports for Everyone

The end of October marks one of the most enjoyable points on the calendar for sports. Baseball is drifting towards their fall classic, where the legends are created. All levels of football, from youth leagues to the professional ranks, are in full swing. Pro hoops players are lacing up their sneakers for real, and the rest of the basketball world will be soon to follow.

The final day in October is also a special holiday for many, especially kids. Nary a Halloween festivity will happen, which doesn’t have one or more costumes dedicated to sports. Here’s a little history of Halloween and sports and how sports parents can join in the fun.

How it all Started

According to folklore, it all began as part of ritual centered on the Celtic festival of harvest. Early religions added their own spiritual ideas, and it was often referred to as All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints Day.

Of course the holiday has come a long way since the patron saints of our ancestry attempted to spook the spirits into diminution for another year. Today All Hallows’ Eve is complete with everything from bonfires to bobbing for apples, to ghosts and goblins of all shapes and sizes.

Sports History on All Hallows` Eve

While there haven’t been a number of monumental events in sports on the final day in October, there were a few noteworthy things that happened. The first Monday Night Football game played in Indianapolis was on October 31, 1988, as the Colts raced past the Broncos.

Twenty years earlier on the same date, The Milwaukee Bucks won their first NBA game besting Detroit by a 20-point margin. In 1987, jockey Chris Antley spooked the horse racing world, by being the first rider to win nine times on the same day at the Meadowlands.

The Pittsburgh Steelers spooked the New England Patriots on All Hallows’ Eve in 2004, handing them their first loss in a record 21 straight games. One inauspicious event had the NBA’s Miami Heat getting chopped to pieces by the Chicago Bulls in the worst season-opening defeat by a defending champion.

Halloween and Sports

While the history of Halloween and sports doesn’t own a lengthy list of records broken or storybook games, there has always been a subtle connection between the two. Sports trivia buffs often sit around during All Hallows` Eve festivities and think up ghoulish names of players.

No list could ever be complete without the great Galloping Ghost, Red Grange. There was pro baseball player Spook Jacobs, and Formula 1 racer Spider Webb. Players have even earned Halloween type nicknames, none more ominous that Vladimir Guerrero’s, Vlad the Impaler.

Halloween and Sports Costumes

But beyond historic events in sports, the night of October 31st will be full of sports related costumes. Some will clad themselves with the attire of their favorite team or player, while others might even dress up as an umpire or referee.

Sports parents can help foster their kid’s love of sports by helping them dress up to immolate their favorite superstar player. Youth sports teams can coordinate special functions for their entire squad, or celebrate the holiday as a group.

Halloween and sports can be a lot of fun. Youth sports players can spend a night donned in the uniform of their cherished champions. Parents can even join in the fun with their own sports-themed costumes. Parents and kids can get creative with this idea as well.

Youth sports organizations like Wheatland Athletics are an excellent place to coordinate group and team activities for any holiday event. One thing for certain, sports are fun and All Hallows` Eve can be fun for fans, players and even sports parents.

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