How Sports Help Children Going Back to School

It’s August, and it’s time for the kids to head back to school. That doesn’t mean your children can’t stay physically active during the school year. Along with doing their school work, kids can reap great benefits from participating in youth sports programs provided by the Wheatland Athletic Association (WAA).


The Benefits of Youth Sports for Kids

Going back to school does not mean its time for children to go into hibernation. Children and teenagers need an active lifestyle all year long. They need to develop interests that will help them become well-rounded individuals. Organized sports give a child a sense of belonging. A sense of belonging and succeeding in sports helps to build self-esteem and confidence. Those two personal attributes tend to infiltrate every aspect of a child’s life is a positive way. That’s how we get the most we can from our children.

What WAA Has to Offer

At Wheatland Athletic Association, we understand how important sports can be in a child’s development. It goes beyond developing their physical being. Sports is also a great way for kids to learn how to socialize with other kids and adults from different areas. They learn about the importance of sportsmanship and working with others for a common goal.

Wheatland Athletic Association is proud to offer the community and your kids the opportunity to participate in some fun and exciting sports events and leagues. Our leagues and events have been developed to include the following sports for both boys and girls:

Aside from learning how to play these sports the right way, we help kids developed the on field or court skills that might help them learn to play a sport at the highest level. That could easily translate into giving your child the opportunity to play for and represent their high school. If the stars align and your child has the talent, they might get the opportunity sports skills to secure an athletic scholarship to a good college or university.

For the Parents

Of course, WAA¬†wants to get parents involved as well, and you should want to be part of the process of watching your child’s develop as an athlete. We bring all of this together by offering social and sports events specifically for the parents of our program participants.. including volunteering, team moms/dads and coaching. Sports parents are an important part of the entire sports education process for the child. It’s something that helps build a special bond between the child an their sports parents for years to come. If you have not yet experienced it, there’s very little that’s more fulfilling than watching your child participate and succeed as part of a sports team.

To reap all these benefits for yourself and your child, now is the time to register for the upcoming year with the Wheatland Athletic Association. Along with the actual sports leagues, we also encourage you to let your children participate in our fine selection of sports camps. Together, we can make this a wonderful program for everyone involved!

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