Looking for baseball drills that you can work on with your kids?

You want your kids to have fun but also get better. Here is a combination of baseball drills. These drills will help your kids become better athletes and improve the fundamentals. These drills focus on the basics of batting, fielding, and baserunning.

Get better at hitting.

Use a tee to help your ball players get better at hitting the ball at different locations. The concept is simple. Place a tee with a ball in the center of the strike zone. Practice hitting fro there first. Then move the tee to the outside. Spend some extra time on spots that need more work.

If you have a pitcher and catcher, practice calling balls and strikes. Have the batter be in his or her stance and ready to swing at a pitch. Don’t swing, at the last second the batter stops and watches the ball all the way into the catcher’s mitt. Have the batter make the call. This will help teach the batter the difference between a bad pitch and a good one.

Get better at fielding.

If your ball player needs more work fielding, grab a tennis ball and find a wall. Practice throwing the ball against the wall and catching it. Have them throw the ball at different speeds and angels. When they get comfortable on their own, have someone throw the ball for them. This will help with timing and reflexes. A basement is a great place to practice when the weather outside doesn’t cooperate.

Don’t forget about the lost art of pepper. Hit grounders to two or more players in a line. Have them throw the ball back to the batter without committing any errors. This helps with decision making, reflexes, and of course quickness.



Get better at baserunning.

Last but not least let’s do some baserunning drills. The pickle drill is the standard. Start with two players 30 feet apart and one player in the middle. The runner tries to make it to a base without getting tagged as the other two players work closer to the runner.

Another drill that is fun is practicing throwing out a runner at first. Have the runner take a lead toward second base and the pitcher practice throwing out the runner. This is great for the runner, pitcher, and first baseman.

Drills should be fun and can improve skills at the same time. Don’t be afraid to switch things up with your versions of the standard drills.

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