Soccer Skills: It’s All in the Kick!

Soccer Skills: It’s All in the Kick!

As surprising as it may seem, the most complicated soccer skill is
kicking the Soccer Ball! Improve your game by practicing the following kicking techniques until they automatically flow into a smooth and spontaneous motion.


1. A Good Touch

Taking a good touch is significant to controlling the pass. When the ball is too close, it decreases your precision and power!

Set up your play. A slight angle touch will set up a standard kick, while a straight kick requires a straight touch.


2. Positioning Your Place Foot

The stance you take will define the momentum of your kick, and its accuracy!

Tip: When you’re always kicking the ball over the goal, chances are your place foot was behind the ball instead of beside it.

Push off your kicking foot. Next, move your place foot to its correct position to balance the kick. Practice makes perfect!


3. Keep Your Eye on the Ball!

Looking up while you kick is a difficult habit to break, but most of the time it will only get in the way of a great move!

Always keep your eyes focused on the ball and it will go where you want it to more often!


4. The Angle of Your Body Matters

Remember the ball will always go in the same direction in which your body is angled.

Face the intended direction of the ball. Try it out by shifting your body angle, and observing the way it affects the accuracy of your kick.


5. Follow Through!

One more way to improve your accuracy is to ‘continue’ your kick after contact with the ball.

To loft the ball higher, let your let go high after the kick. To drive the kick, make your leg follow through at medium height, then step forward instead of lifting.

Tip: Always land on your kicking foot!

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