The Many Benefits Of Fall Sports For Your Developing Child

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It's nerve-racking to watch your child take the field for a youth sports event. You want your child to perform well, but you don't have any delusions of grandeur. After all, your little tyke is not likely to be the next Pelé. But it's important for your child to be out there because there are a variety of benefits for participating in youth sports.

Bigger, Stronger Frame

Exercise inspires the body to grow muscle. The body reinforces muscle with thicker bones and tendons. A child that participates in youth sports is much less likely to get injured. And a landmark study shows that regular exercise through puberty develops a stronger frame with thicker bone mass. This will allow for stronger growth.

Keep The Pounds Off

It's incredibly difficult to keep weight off in modern society. Giant food companies make enormous sums of money by luring people with sugary, fatty and salty foods. Fortunately, you can help fight your child's Battle of the Bulge as sports parents. Getting regular exercise can help keep the pounds off while staving off any negative health effects.

Character Building

Team sports (such as WAA's Soccer and Basketball programs) can teach your kid valuable lessons about life. Sports aren't always fair nor will your child always win. But fall sports can teach your child that hard work pays off and that teamwork usually wins. These are lessons that they will carry with them the rest of her life.

Skills Development

One of the biggest joys sports parents get to see in their child is the development of new skills. You can watch as your child learns that it's worthwhile to focus on skills development with hard work. A game like soccer can be very difficult in the beginning, but, with a few practices, your child will begin to learn the basic skills needed to compete. And they'll take great pride in every step that they take.

Developing Self-esteem

Skills development, such as WAA's Recreational Soccer Skills Training, goes a long way when it comes to developing self-esteem. Being able to dribble that soccer ball a little bit better than the week before will give your child pride. They'll take this lesson of hard work and apply it to other parts of their life. They'll begin to understand that their skills are valuable especially when they work hard.

Teaches Communication

Teams must work together in order to win. This requires communication. It all starts with your skilled coach who will instruct the children properly. The children will then have to figure out how to work as a team in order to get that soccer ball into the net. Fall sports can teach your child the value of teamwork.


Your child will quickly understand that it takes discipline in order to win. Playing an entire game out on the field with concentration and vigor takes commitment. Your child will be learning this discipline in a fun environment. In fact, they may not even know that they are learning lessons that they'll be carrying with them for the rest of their lives.

Learn More about WAA's Sports Programs!

Click button or call us today to learn more about our youth sports programs at (630) 978-2855!

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