Toddlers to Teenagers – Winter Break Ideas for Sports Parents

Toddlers to Teenagers – Winter Break Ideas for Sports Parents

Winter break doesn’t need to be a wasted time for kids. Parents can take advantage of the time off help their children. Sports parents can do a lot of things to show their support for their young athletes. Here are some tips on taking advantage of the time during the holidays.

Youth Leagues and Programs

If your child isn’t already participating in a league, it’s usually not too late to still sign up. During the break period, there may be a chance to get them active by involving them in a team sport. There are winter leagues in a number of youth sports.

Don’t mistakenly think that your child may be too young to begin participating in team sports. There are leagues for pre-schoolers all the way up to high school age students. Preschool age programs are  a fantastic way to become involved as sports parents, and begin a wonderful lifelong journey with your child in sports.

Floor hockey and basketball are two sports that you can check out over the break period. Soccer and T-ball leagues will usually begin in early spring, followed by fall opportunities for flag football. Parents with preschoolers can also join programs that offer a chance to bond with their young toddler.

Through programs like Parent-Tot Sports, kids can practice any number of skills right on the same field with their parents. This is not only a wonderful bonding activity, but a great way to help your youngster learn to relax and enjoy sports.

Never too late to Get Ready

The holiday break is also an excellent time to get ready for the upcoming seasons and camp opportunities. You can stuff your young player’s stocking with a registration to an upcoming camp to help them develop their skills for their favorite sport.

While your toddler may forget about the soccer program you signed them up for next spring, it can still be an exciting gift idea. You’ll have the next few months after winter break to remind your youngster of the fun that’s in store.

Sports camps are also part of the holiday season. While there may not be many opportunities to get into a camp last-minute, there are dozens of opportunities awaiting young athletes of all ages. Baseball camp registrations are open, with now being a smart time to secure your child a spot while there are still openings.

Sports camps are a perfect gift idea, and a tremendous place where young players learn the skills they need to succeed at sports. Even though the holiday season is full of a lot of distractions, it’s never too late to get ready for the upcoming new season, even for toddlers.

Sports parents, even if your kids are only preschoolers, can take advantage of the winter break. Check out the full list of camps, leagues and fun events at the Wheatland Athletic Association. Since there may be some free-time available during the holiday break, you can also take your child to check out the training facility. Whatever you do, remember to have fun out there.

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