Top 10 Tips for Baseball Tryouts

Tryouts can be tough, and you will probably feel a lot of pressure. Here are some tips that can make the difference.


1. Be Early:

Get there early so you can feel comfortable with your surroundings. If you show up just in time, you won’t be warmed up and may feel a bit off.


2. Make a good first impression:

Don’t show up in jeans and a polo shirt. Be prepared to play.
Dress in a full uniform and look the part. Show that you are taking this seriously and want to be a part of the team.


3. Say hello or Introduce yourself to the coach:

If you don’t know the coach make sure you introduce yourself. Shake the coaches hand and don’t be afraid to show that you are self-confident and mature.


4. Show you are serious:

The coaches are watching your every move. Approach everything professionally. No chit chat during warmups or when you are waiting for your turn in the bullpen or batting session. You should assume that everything you do is being noted and will be considered in their evaluation of each player.


5. Don’t show off during warmups:

Coaches are looking for kids that can play catch, warming up is not the time to show off your arm. Save the big gun for when it counts.


6. Keep your eye on the coach:

Don’t get distracted when the coach is talking. Keep eye contact with him at all times. This shows the coach that you can pay attention and want to hear the instructions.


7. Keep moving:

Always be hustling. Run to your defensive position and show some enthusiasm for playing in defense. When you get to your spot jump up and down a few times to release any nervous energy and keep your feet moving.


8. Keep up the hustle:

Everything you do and everywhere you go, hustle. Coaches love when you hustle and are looking for leaders to inspire others to do the same.


9. Keep an eye on the pitcher:

Don’t watch the batters, watch the pitcher. Each pitcher is different, and you can learn a lot by watching others when they are hitting. Understanding a little about the delivery can make a difference. Always pay attention.


10. Don’t sulk:

Everyone makes mistakes, don’t let it get you upset. Don’t get angry or sulk. If you do mess up this is your chance to show the coaches that you are the kid or person that will bounce back. This also will show the coaches that you can inspire others to do the same when they make a mistake. Keep your spirits up!

The Wheatland Ducks Travel Baseball program will be hosting
3 FREE Pre-Tryout Clinics in June/July to help prepare players for the official 2019 Ducks tryouts on July 22 & July 24-25.   To attend a clinic, players must be registered for the 2019 Wheatland Ducks tryouts. Register at

June 27

July 11

July 17

Plainfield East High School Fieldhouse

Oswego East High School Main Gym

North Central College Football field



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